WonWord-Healthcare app

WonWorld-Healthcare app

About WonWorld

WonWorld is dedicated platform for all the doctors across the globe. We work for DOCTORS and their profession. Our aim is to help the doctors and create largest network for them on digital media.

WonWorld is world wide doctors digital platform for academic and social activity. This platform provides one academic module and one social chat module, these two module satisfy the requirement of academic and social activity in doctors life. WonWorld helps to remain updated in your busy life at same time you can remain connected with friends and colleague.


It is a startup, so as common challenges start with very low budget, but enough elastic capabilities to handle accelerated user and traffic growth.

Demand for various technologies like video transcoding, Video delivery with Adaptive Bit Rate, Secure Mobile App api call, etc.

It is an on line collaborative platform with video and chat facility.

Solution and Architecture

The solution is as per AWS standard approach as below. (Reference Architecture Diagram)

Custom VPC with one public Zone for user request and two private zone for Application and Database servers.

Cloudfront is use for Security and performance.

WAF is integrated to CloudFront for Security and Videos will be delivered with HLS format.

Bastion instance will be used for admin access.

Application load balancer will delegate traffic to EC2 in private zone and with the help of Auto Scaling Group EC2 numbers are managed as per CPU load.

RDS MySQL database is used. To increase db performance Redis cluster is used.

Daily Snapshot for Database, Web – app server are setup.

S3 will be used to store static content like Video, Images etc.

wonworld architecture diagram

Video Transcoding will be used to convert 1 videos in to multiple resolution to achieve ABR


Users are started using it with good performance, and shortly is starting getting popularity in that domain. Performance, security, elasticity and cost effectiveness achieved within given timeframe.


Goal achieved. Initial started with small user base with low investment and now as such attracted more users, cost effectiveness maintained without compromising performance, security and elasticity.

More services plan to be integrated in future with some advance functionality.