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Mexus Education – Education Portal

Mexus Education - Education Portal

About - Mexus Education

Bilakhia Holding’s Mexus education is an education innovations enterprise of the multi-faceted bilakhia group based in Vapi (Gujarat). Bilakhia group is a renowned name in industries such as inks, resins, adhesives, wire enamels, agro-chemical and life science industries. The Bilakhia Holdings have made major strategic and visionary investments in development of new age products and services to cater to the urgent needs of the country’s 1.8 million moribund primary and secondary schools.


Serving dynamic workload to the users with video contents on various devices like desktop, tablets. mobile etc.

Need scalable and secure architecture.

Proposed Solutions

Reference Architecture


Successfully implemented client’s requirement.

Scalable infrastructure, dynamic workload response.

Availability of educational videos to the end users. Conversion of videos using AWS Transcoding services and serving videos with Adaptive Bit Rate.

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Implemented secure and scalable architecture with custom VPC, Auto Scaling + Application load balancer.

With successful implementation video transcoding and better user experience.