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  • Facing latency problems when the heavy load on the server.
  • Facing challenges in automation on Windows instances.
  • Require to configure CI/CD pipeline for the automation.
  • The major challenge was to deliver the videos with minimum possible latency and ease of management.
  • Due to S3 Bucket Naming conversion is in alpha-numeric order, so caching is not done properly in CDN.
  • Customer challenges to configure cloud formation.
  • Facing issues to upload files more than 1 GB through the application.


  • Configured Auto-scaling in windows, to increase performance scale out and keeping costs under control scale in
  • To resolve S3 Bucket Naming conversion is in alpha-numeric order and caching issues Lamda function is designed and deployed. It will automatically convert the uploaded file into CloudFront frendly format.
  • Same time to convert existing uploaded video, A shell script designed and converted 10TB videos into Cloudfront frendly format.  
  • Transcoded all videos to support ABR
  • Kinesis deployed to get all logs from WAF
  • Use Buddy Platform for creating CI/CD Pipeline for windows workload on .Net framwork
  • Implement a web application platform for the production.

Architecture Diagram


  • All latency related issues solved as such best cloud infrastructure with AWS and Load Balancer usage.
  • Caching issues due to alphanumeric character resolved with Lambda and Shell-Script.
  • Implement 3-tier architecture.
  • Configuration of RDS and MSSQL
  • When request is high it scale-out and when load is less it automatically scale-in
  • All AWS security best practices adopted so the solution is stable and secured.
  • Using R5 high bandwitdh instance resolve the issues of large file (More than 1 GB) uploads.
  • Deliver the WAF log in S3 using AWS kinesis.

Lession Learned

Some time small part will be difficult to diognized and troubleshoot. In current case

  1. Cloudfront frendly url (removing all non supported chara from new and existing videos)
  2. Latency issues for large files.

All issues required carefully detection and test to resolve it.

Windows auto-scaling and CI/CD is also need some extra care to integrate third party SCM.