Education Sector Focus

Education Sector Focus

Education Sector Focus

Universities, Colleges and Research Institutes.

Electormech is industry-leading Advanced Consulting Partners with solutions for education on AWS. Now colleges and universities are concentrating on Information Technology to drive student success and address concerns about the costs, value, and outcomes of higher education. On-demand compute, storage, and database services help higher education, K-12 and Research IT teams build secure environments for mission-critical applications, freeing them to focus on student success.

AWS enables education institutions to create a customized infrastructure that is more efficient and flexible. Quickly and easily scale up during peak usage times, including enrollment, back-to-school season, and graduation; and scale down over breaks when your server needs are low.


Electromech Corporation has demonstrated success in providing specialized solutions aligning with AWS architectural best practices to help support teaching and learning, administration, and academic research efforts in education.

Teaching and Learning

Our solutions that bring innovative teaching and learning technology to help educators adapt to new standards, personalize learning, and deliver new and exciting digital learning experiences to students.

Teachers, instructors, districts, universities, and EdTechs have one main goal: develop successful students. The AWS Cloud helps education institutions personalize student-learning experiences, access applications at any time, and improve learning outcomes.

Administrative and Operations

Electomech Corporation has assisted educational institutions operate efficiently both on-campus and online. Technology that empowers educational institutions to gain better visibility into IT operations and assist with regulatory requirements.

Security & Compliance
The AWS Cloud is built to help even the most security-sensitive institutions meet student data privacy and security requirements
Support Student Success

Cost Optimization

Electromech Corporation has provided managed services to Educators helping them position their organization to efficiently take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

Reduce costs with the AWS pay-as-you-go model. The ability to scale up and down as traffic changes makes it possible for districts, institutions, EdTechs, and digital learning companies to ramp up their capacity on a temporary basis, at a fraction of the cost.