Application Modernization

AWS is the best place to build modern applications

With more than 500 million new apps expected to be built over the next few years, organizations will have to find balance between managing technology and building new features.

Modern applications are built with modular architectural patterns, serverless operational models, and agile developer processes. They allow you to innovate faster, reduce risk, accelerate time to market, and decrease your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Modernization is often a team-by-team and workload-by-workload journey. We recommend four ways to start modernization:

  • Move to managed containers on AWS to simplify operations, and reduce management overhead
  • Build new applications or features using serverless technologies, like AWS Lambda, purpose-built databases like Amazon DynamoDB, and development tools, like AWS Amplify and AWS CDK to maximize agility and accelerate development
  • Choose from 15 relational and nonrelational purpose-built AWS databases to support microservices architecture and modern application needs like storing key-value pairs and documents
  • Leverage our end-to-end portfolio of Dev+Ops services and our vast Partner Network to help develop and run apps faster and build applications at scale

Why build modern applications on AWS?

Speed to market

By speeding up build and release cycles and offloading operational overhead to AWS, organizations can better compete in the market and deliver reliable products and user experiences faster and cheaper. Urbanbase launches services 20x faster with AWS

Increase innovation

With a modular architecture, changes to any individual application component can be made quickly and with a lower risk to the whole application, so teams can experiment with new ideas more often. Vanguard increased speed to market of microservices from three months to 24 hours

Improve TCO

With a pay-for-value pricing model, modern applications reduce the cost of over-provisioning or paying for idle resources. By offloading infrastructure management, maintenance costs are also lower. Reduce app development costs by 68 percent and lower your TCO with AWS

Improve reliability

Automate test and release processes to reduce error rates and enhance monitoring at every stage of the development lifecycle, making modern applications more reliable at deployment. Siemens decreases customer control system alerts by 90 percent and reduced infrastructure costs by 85 percent

The right tool for each workload

Choose the right tools based on the needs of your organization and each unique workload. iRobot chose Amazon SageMaker to run Kubeflow for its iRobot Genius Home Intelligence platform and AWS Lambda for its core WiFi-connected vacuums and application