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Modernizing business applications is essential for staying competitive. With AWS, you have the freedom to decide how and at what pace you migrate your applications. Benefit from the industry's most reliable infrastructure and a comprehensive set of services. Deploying on AWS can lead to a payback period as short as 6 months and a reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 64%. Your migration and modernization plans are tailored to your business needs, offering options like lift and shift, refactoring, or full re-platforming.

Drive Growth, Retire Legacy Investments, and Improve Financial Posture

Modernizing technology with AWS enables enterprises to save money, build new applications, and retire legacy solutions. Plan your cloud migration strategically to achieve a significant reduction in TCO. Leverage AWS's hyper-scale, extensive services, and automation capabilities for incremental and long-term cost optimization. Deploying enterprise solutions on AWS allows you to retire legacy infrastructure, reduce costs, and focus resources on innovation rather than managing servers and buildings.

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Your business applications are crucial for decision-making and data processing. AWS, with its Migration Acceleration Program and specialized services, ensures a smooth migration to the cloud. Experience operational efficiency, scalability, and improved performance as you embark on your digital transformation journey.

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As your cloud journey progresses, maximize the value of your existing hardware, software, and business applications. AWS provides innovative technology to run your existing systems on a platform that seamlessly integrates with legacy applications and cloud-native solutions. Run your most critical enterprise applications in the cloud, ensuring optimal returns from your assets, both legacy and new.


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Success Stories

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ElectroMech helps Frendy Serverless Application Hosting on AWS

About the Company

Established in 2019, Frendy is a social e-commerce platform encompassing all essential Indian retail categories. From branded apparel to stylish footwear, exclusive jewellery to sassy cosmetics, and elegant home and lifestyle products to your daily household needs and groceries, Frendy offers a wide range of products at discounted prices.

We understand the soul of the Indian customer who loves that little ‘extra’. So, while we connect a diverse community of Indian buyers and sellers, we have ensured that our customers get something more than just a great shopping experience.


  • There is an issue in performance of the website due to the increase in the number of concurrent users.
  • There is an increase in workload which can affect the performance of websites (Site goes down).
  • There is an issue in generating reports due to the size of the report.

Below are the resources configured

  • Created a VPC in  production environment.
  • Created subnets in production environment.
  • Created Security Group with inbound rule for port of rds and outbound rule for all traffic allowed from anywhere.
  • Created a RDS in production environment with a new parameter group and required parameters such as version, storage and instance type.
  • Enabled logs for monitoring purposes such as audit, general, error and slow query.

Solution which has applied to resolve the challenge as:

  • In rds, configured a Performance Insights option to check the number of queries running by concurrent users.
  • In rds, also configured a default Key Management Service to encrypt the rds data with 7 days retention.
  • Configured inbound and outbound rules as per verifying the security of rds in vpc security group option.
  • To resolve the issue of performance of the website, we have increased the storage to 200GB which provides the number of read/write iops which increases the throughput.
  • To resolve the issue of heavy workload duration when the site goes down or gets slow, we have set storage auto scaling option enabled and set its value of maximum storage threshold to 250GB.
  • To resolve the issue of generating the huge size report, we have updated the parameter group of rds as parameter – max_execution_time, value – 300000.

AWS Services used as part of the solution:

  • Managed Relational Database Service(RDS)
  • Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)
  • Key Management Service(KMS)
  • Identity and Access Management(IAM)
  • Cloudwatch
  • CloudTrail
  • Simple Storage service(S3)


  • Solutions deployed in RDS database make the architecture highly reliable and scalable. Security of data and cost optimization are successfully completed.
  • Performance of the website is increased and workload is balanced as per customer requirement.